Oh My!!! I just keep growing

Everyone starts off slow and then increase their pace.  That’s me.  I never thought I would be where I am at.

I started this blog to help increase my business.  I make crochet items.  Yeah, most everyone does.  But over the years I started to slowly build up stock, work on new pieces, and try new avenues.  I have created 2 patterns and still try to figure out half the sites to share the joys.  I’m not exactly tech savy but can get around.

I have taught and still continue to teach.  Created a facebook group page to help beginners and hopefully start a “hangout” to get others to crochet a long and make new friends.

Oh it’s a special craft.  New bonds are created.  Appreicaition for the talent.  And respect to other designers and artist.  Something I think the world lacks at times and in a way I blame it on technology.  However without technology, most of us crafters wouldn’t be able to get out there.

No…crafting is NOT a get rich scheme.  It takes time.  And it takes money in which the economy dose not help the talented artists.  But you are probably asking why should I care?  Well, you help a family with fun money or if they are in tight spots.  Hours are cut, pay isn’t as good and finding hard workers are becoming more frequent.  So when you buy a wood piece, a jewelry piece, a crafted blanket, you are helping and you will probably never know how much appreciation you gave that artist.

Don’t question why it is so expensive.  Things we buy are not a wholesale prices.  And our time..long hours, late nights, missing out on family time..they cost the artist more.  Don’t ever say “oh I can get it cheaper?”  when people say that I always ask what is the quality of their work?  What yarn did they get?  Joann’s and Micheals that’s all synthetic machine spun yarn.  Not hand spun or hand dyed.  (Look up the process of those ways).  Hand made is time and the reason it is so pricey.

I will try to keep up as much as I can with this blog.  It isn’t always easy as I am always hooking, posting to my facebook group and business page.  And I hope to shed light into a handmade crafted item.


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