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I just got into CAL’s this year.  For those who don’t know what CAL’s are, it is an acronym for Crochet A Longs and several groups have started this craze.  It is very interesting to see color schemes and the end results.  Posting questions and concerns and sharing the frustrations of the project chosen.

My first CAL was from The Crochet Crowd.  This year’s mystery one.  Now I have yet to finish it.  The harsh truth, I’m not the type who can do it week by week.  It has to be at once or I have to be way and I mean WAY behind the popular CAL to keep my interest.  So the poor project is sitting on hold, waiting for me to say ok I’ll finish you.  Sorry Crochet Crowd, it’s been sitting there for a month.

However I’m in a facebook group, CAL-Crochet A Long and they have several interesting fun projects in which I FINALLY join the band wagon for one.  The Butterfly Shawl was the one I was eyeing, but debated because of the yarn used…4800 yds is a lot lol.  So I decided to do the blanket called All The Bases or aka ATB.

At first I was thinking out of my stash, what will I use.  I have Red Heart, Caron Simply soft, some other brands and went with Caron.  Learning from my first blanket with this yarn, I made sure that every end was tied, weaved, fasten off so well that when I made a mistake I screamed.  So the seam ripper was used once then I said forget it and used my creativity to work my mistakes.  This is where I definitely fell in love with Sophie’s Universe.

Now Dedri did a wonderful job with the photos.  Sometimes I had to reread the instructions and mentally see it but then again when I have a husband who’s talking at the same time, makes it a bit hard lol.  But I was able to 35 rows within 24 hours amongst the interruptions and posting in my fb group.

I did tweak here and there.  Such as the Crab stitch used as an option in Row 25.  I actually worked sc’s in BLO.  Turn out nicely.  I didn’t do the optional flower petals because as I laid out the piece and seeing the color scheme, I felt it would be too busy. YOU do have to be very mindful of your counts.  Every time I thought I got it, haha, nope.  And one row I forgot to recheck before cutting, I was like great.  However my knowledge of Dc2tog helped. (My other tweak lol)

This piece is not really beginner friendly unless you have a teacher near by.  This is more for those who understand front posts, back posts, working clusters and able to think ahead. Those who are comfortable with basic stitches and keeps experienced crocheters on their toes and a good practice to perfect stitches that seem to show up more and more in projects (the front and back posts lol)

I still have a bit to go.  This part of the CAL is done.  And it’s onto the 2nd half of the project. I don’t know what exactly I have ahead of me, I just glanced.  However my yarn trips will be a bit frequent in the future.

So with all the hype, definitely get on this CAL.  At least with Sophie’s.  I actually could see crocheters just going to row 35 and make several blocks and sew them together to make one big blanket. I won’t because in truth, I DESPISE sewing blocks together.  😀

Keep your eye out on the blog when I start to work on ATB.  Might have to wait a bit since the hubster is home this weekend and usually I don’t crochet as heavy when he is gone.

*These are the links to the 2 crochet CALs.

Sophies’ Universe:

Around the Bases:


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