ATB so far

I’m working the CAL ATB or known as Around The Bases.  I happen to get very interested in the project seeing other crocheters with their blocks that they chose for their centers and then the color schemes.  Even the most off the wall color scheme is making this blanket gorgeous.  So if you are working this blanket and you are the ones with off the wall colors, trust me, they are absolutely stunning.

The first inning, as the designer is calling each panels, is the shells.  Pretty much your basic double crochets (dc’s).  The 2nd inning, the popcorn stitch.  Now that particular stitch I’m not fond of just for the fact you drop your last loop, pick up the first and then pick up the drop loop.  Many times, when I’m being a mindless zombie, I lose that dropped stitch.  The 3rd inning was blocks.  No biggie.  Again simple dc’s.  The 4th…the star stitch.

Now I have seen this stitch on some of my favorite blog sites and facebook pages.  I had yet to do it because I haven’t found a pattern I liked.  So working on this CAL, I had the opportunity to learn a new stitch and in my group page, I posted “YOU must learn the STAR STITCH!!”  It is an absolutely stunning stitch and can be a great border stitch.

But in my research to post helpful links, I notice there are a few ways in doing it.  Some do the 2nd row with single crochet (sc’s), some with half double crochets (hdc’s) and even one with dc’s!!!  So I picked 2 of my favorite blog sites, Moogly and The Crochet Crowd to link up tutorials.

In the CAL, designer ChiChi, made her star stitch with hdc’s in her returning rows.  I did have issues with the corners on my first return, but that’s always a downfall with learning new stitches.  But once I got the hang of it the 2nd return was easy peasy.

So if you are looking for a border stitch the star stitch would be a lovely ending to any project.  I might even design a project with this stitch.  But I do have another design to finish before working on another.  (Stalking my mailman this week to get my skein in to finish it lol.)  So here are the links to learn the star stitch.

Moogly’s version:

The Crochet Crowd with video.  (Mikey is great BTW for learning.)

And if you like to join in this CAL here is ChiChi’s page:

Her version of the star stitch:

I hope this helps you be less intimidated with this particular stitch.  And if you like to learn new stitches and have your basic sc’s, hdc’s and dc’s down and can read patterns, I do recommend to do her blanket.  You can stop at whatever inning you would like.  As far as I have gone, each panel can be ended nicely.  Even experience crocheters should jump on this to hone their stitches.  I’m looking forward to doing more innings and learning more.


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