My review on the ATB

ATB, shorthand for Around the Bases, was the most fun in working this design.   You pick out a center block you like and go with the designer’s rows.  16 innings which came out to 105 rows for me using Sophie’s universe as my center block.

With this blanket you can use any color scheme you like.  I used Caron Simply Soft in these colors with the number of skeins I used.

3 Robins Egg

2 Purple

2 Off White

1 Blackberry

2 SS Ombre Grape Purple

2 Autumn Maize

2 White

2 Bone

3 SS Ombre Teal zeal

The blanket covers my queen size bed so if you have a full it will drape nicely on the bed.

I did change up differnet stitches.  Instead of working the crab stitch in the center blocked, I worked BLO.  For the inning requiring bpsc, again worked BLO and created a “knitted” look.  Then the 2 inning requiring popcorn, I worked a puff stitch.

It does become tedious around the 11th inning.  Alot of sc’s worked.  I last estimated with my conversation with hubby, 3500 sc’s then stopped counting.  It was like ugh lol.

However I learned to do new stitches that I never did before.  The star, cables, Asian fans and the spike stitch.  The different stitching makes this blanket interesting and made you learn the new stitches we keep seeing.

Beginners feel intimated because of the new stitches.  Don’t feel that way.  For experienced it keeps you interested.

All in all, I enjoyed it for many reasons.  I noticed it can be manipulated to work out booboos with out frogging (this requires math and creative thinking and you know your inc and dec stitching.)  Color schemes, any thing will work.  You can change up the innings. and you can add innings as well.

I recommend anyone to do this blanket. So feel free to pop on over to the designer’s blog and start.  I hope you will share your blanket with the world 🙂




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